• Personalized Gift Card - (Starting at $49)

    This text will go on the ENVELOPE: "A special gift for __________________ & baby ____________" (see image for detail)
    Please include the name(s) to be printed on the card - "has been gifted to you by your friend(s) _________________"

    Starting at just $49 - give the perfectly thoughtful baby gift! Choose this option if you're headed to a baby shower, unsure what to say on the blankie, or if the baby isn't born yet but you want to give the special gift of one of our uber-customized blankies?

    You choose the pre-selected blankie style (& corresponding dollar amount you want to spend) that can be used by the recipient to place their own blankie order! The recipient of the gift card can then choose the other options like color, font, thread color & wording) to create their own custom blankie when redeeming. Order yours today - it's the perfect new baby, adoption or baptism gift!


    1.) select the blankie style you'd like to gift
    2.) fill out details for creation of the card & envelope
    (baby gender, recipient name(s) & gift giver name)
    3.) during checkout, the Billing & Shipping info becomes important since we're talking about 2 separate items (the gift CARD AND the finished blankie).

    Scenario 1: You're in Dallas, TX and want to pick up gift card AND finished blankie > during checkout, billing & shipping info would be same.
    Choose THIS during checkout:  "Pre-Arranged Delivery/Pickup" option. We'll work out the logistics via email.

    Scenario 2: You're in Dallas, TX & want to pick up the gift card, but the finished blankie will need to be SHIPPED
    Do THIS during checkout:  Enter Billing & Shipping info (your billing address, blankie recipient's address as shipping address). Select the "USPS Priority Mail" option (+$7 will be added to cart to cover the shipping of the finished blankie).

    Scenario 3: You AND blankie recipient live outside our local area (Dallas, TX). So... BOTH the gift card and finished blankie will need to be shipped. The gift card can be mailed to you OR the gift recipient.
    Do THIS during checkout:  Enter the delivery address FOR THE CARD in 'Shipping Address' section. Select "USPS Priority Mail" as the shipping option (this is your pre-payment for shipping the finished blankie to the recipient). We're covering the cost to mail the gift card to you. The blankie recipient will be able to specify their own mailing address when they contact us to complete the blankie order.

    Whew....too complicated to figure out?  No problem! Call or email us and we'll put the order in for you after we ask a few questions!

    Contact us to help you determine the total amount w/ taxes and shipping).