• Ultimate Softness Fleece Blanket w/ 2-inch White Satin Edge | 30" x 30"

    i.e. Lauren Marie Schwartz was born on Saturday 11/29 at 8:17 a.m.
    i.e. Born in Houston, TX, Lauren weighed 6 lbs, 6 oz and was 18" long.
    i.e. She is loved by her parents Lisa and Justice. "All good things come from above."
    i.e. chag Chanukah sameach - Shalom aleichem

    Luxury Fleece Blanket Baby Gift

    You'll never want another fleece after feeling this luxurious-to-the-touch material - and, in these perfect-for-baby / toddler colors! We've searched high and low and have never found a fleece any softer and more perfect for snuggling. These luxurious, warm and plush blankets make THE perfect luxury baby gift for that "special delivery" in your life - telling the unique story (60 characters/spaces per side - a total of 240!) of their birth, baptism, special event or a special "I love you" unlike any other!

    Luxury Baby Gift Dallas

    Fabric is made in the USA and stitched locally in Dallas TX.

    Available in ONE SIZE 'blankie' (30"x30")
    Available in 3 colors: Ballet Pink, Buxton Blue and Dove Gray (currently out of stock)